Thinking about Dave

I can’t stop thinking about Dave and his family in the Burn ICU, struggling to understand what just happened to the life they knew and what will they face in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  I know the days, weeks and months part, but the years is yet to be revealed.

I would like the goal of this website to be to not only communicate our progress with family and friends, but to use this to take what I wrote on Caring Bridge and turn it into something useful for other burn survivors and their care givers.  This site is searchable when in Google and other search engines, so I’m hoping to put enough meaningful content out here that it comes up when searching for information on how to deal with major burns.  Or perhaps it could be helpful to other traumatic injury patients too.

So I’ll start working on editing the Caring Bridge content and putting it here — repeat information for those who have been reading all along, but hopefully it’ll serve a good purpose.  I also want to write a pamphlet for Burn ICU patients on what to expect when they leave the hospital and what’s next.

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2 Responses to Thinking about Dave

  1. Anne says:

    That’s great, Betsy. I think you and Don both have so much to offer and teach others.

  2. John Keyes says:

    Great ideas Betsy. Also, start using the WordPress “category” feature to categorize your posts. If you take the time now now think up a logical categorization scheme, it will help a lot once the site has a lot of posts. It may help Google searchers as well. And don’t forget to put some content on the About page!

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