Burn Clinic on Thursday

Barring any unforeseen conflicts, we have our interdisciplinary burn clinic appointment this Thursday.  We haven’t met with the doctors and nurses that have been with Don from the beginning (almost a year, can you believe it?) since early May.  Pretty amazing that he hasn’t needed any medical attention since then given the enormity of his injuries.

While we were in Maine, three small spots on the grafts on right ankle and one on his left ankle opened up.  They had just a little fluid to them so I applied Bactroban and basic bandages.   After a couple days of that regimen, I let them get some open air to hasten the healing.   After a total of about 4 days they were dried up and basically healed.  But the unsettling thing is we have no idea why these opened up.  Perhaps it was the change to sea level with all that moisture and oxygen.  Perhaps it was the plane trip and the resulting swelling.  I was surprised though because his ankle skin seems pretty thick and tough.  Hopefully ski boots won’t cause friction injuries.  From what I’ve read from other burn survivors, skin opening up is pretty common (some even use Krazy Glue to patch it up!), but Don hadn’t ever experienced so I thought maybe we were immune.  Anyway, the openings were so incredibly small — really just small slits about a quarter of an inch each.  We just don’t want any more infections.

I’ll update everyone after the Thursday Burn Clinic.

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1 Response to Burn Clinic on Thursday

  1. Anne says:

    Keep up the great work guys! Look forward to hearing your report after the appt tomorrow!

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